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  1. Selling 4 new unopened (I only opened one box to check the new lights) Echotech Marine Radion G5 XR15 Blue version. Price 5300:- per item Can send if the buyer pays the shipping costs otherwise collection in Åkersberga (everyday) or Täby (weekdays).
  2. Buying Red Sea reefer 170 or Nano max in Stockholm area Must be in good shape and white. Mvh Farham.
  3. Interested in the aquarium, ATO and skimmer... What do you have as the main pump and power heads?
  4. Can I ask what is included in the packet? light? streamer pump?
  5. iQuatics Universal Aquarium Lighting Mounting Kit/Hanging System (1200mm) Brand new in the box 1200:- including shipment (Company price) https://www.iquaticsonline.co.uk/aquarium-light-mounting-kit-hanging-bracket/aquarium-light-mounting-hanging-suspension-system-1200mm.html MAXIMUM WEIGHT 22kg MAXIMUM EXTENSION OF UPRIGHT BARS 250mm MAX RECOMMENDED PENDANT SIZE 1800mm FITTINGS SUPPLIED Cabinet mount fittings. Wall fittings NOT supplied WIDTH 1200mm BODY MATERIAL Stainless Steal SIDE MOUNT MINIMUM TANK LENGTH 1250mm SIDE MOUNT MAXIMUM TANK LENGTH 1440mm MAXIMUM CABLE DIAMETER 3mm LENGTH OF OVERHANG 300mm HANGING POSITION Across the length of the cross bar MINIMUM DISTANCE FITTING FROM THE END 20mm
  6. Hi Farham, I buy you UV 700 pick up this week live in Sthlm.

    Do you have Swish?


    1. farham60



      I wont sell less than 1000:-

    2. jonas1131


      New bulb it is 1600 new cost 2100?

      Then it is better to buy new, the inside protection pipe cost also 400.

      so if I am bad luck it will cost 2000 with second hand UV!


  7. Hello the add was for several months ago when the fish was still in quarantine tank. Now its in my display tank and hard to catch
  8. I have 8x54W T5 + 3x75W LED version which its a bit overkill but amazing. you will have the best of the two worlds.
  9. my suggestion: ATI Hybrid Powermodule 4x54W T5 + 3x75W LED
  10. where you have less water movement (not enough water movement), you get cyano algae
  11. looking or a new home


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