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  1. Selling a powder blue hybrid tang (Acanthurus leucosternon x Acanthurus nigricans) Getting a bit pushed around with other tangs in my aquarium. Size M Fully quarantined Price 1000:- Pick up in Åkersberga
  2. Last week I went to @Zoo.se and replaced my Flame angelfish and on the way back home at @Triton Akvarium bought another angelfish with 30% discount Also got 2 Wyze webcams to have a better look when I am away from the tank. Thankfully there were no damage to the stand and next time I will not stuff the media reactor to the edge
  3. My bad luck continues... Lost another one to Vortech pump.
  4. Have to have the dryer for two weeks... hopefully no need to move the aquarium. The stand also looks OK but I think I will empty the sump and take it out just to be sure.
  5. Spreading the love with some Chaeto... If you need some I am going to throw away a bucket this Sunday. Come to Åkersberga (north of Stockholm) and grab some. MVH Farham.
  6. I had freshwater damage before but this is saltwater and salt will remain and do further damage underneath the parket is concrete so I am not so much worried but the stand itself make me a bit nervous...contacted RedSea and they assured me if it not swollen then its OK... I can't see any swollen places on stand but to be sure I will empty the sumps and take a better look. Insurance will also send people to check with humidity measurement devices today hopefully I dont need to move the beast.
  7. as the title suggest I am selling a NYOS Torg Reactor (size 2.0), Gen 1, with Dock and Body. less than 2 years old and working as it should. Price: 900:- + shipping if you are not collecting at Täby or Åkersberga.
  8. We went for a one week vacation in Turkey and I was receiving really low Alk test results on Trident...Haven't calibrated the machine for a while and before cranking up the 2part dosing from far away I asked my good friend @Jois to go to my home and do a manual check for me he was kind enough to accept and went there to discover my Nyos media reactor went haywire (the top was fallen out and it was splashing water everywhere)...water was going through cabinet to the floor for what I think could be going on for couple of days. I have a leak sensor both on the floor and inside cabinet but because of stupid Neptune Systems "logic" somehow Trident alarms had higher priority than my leak detections...and the fact that you only get one alarm at a time from Fusion I don't want to move the tank or change the stand but I might have to if the insurance guys say I must I ordered two Wyze cameras to install inside the cabinet as I am going to travel a lot more on my new job.
  9. They are everywhere [emoji45][emoji1745][emoji850][emoji2958] Sent from my SM-S908B using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks. Hopefully they will survive me and my QT [emoji16] Sent from my SM-S908B using Tapatalk
  11. Many new frags in QT now including; Homewrecker Cherry bomb Rainbow tenius Indo pikachu Jiggly puf Reverse sunset monti Indo rainbow monti And more from Fauna Marine and K²
  12. Whitecorals has Radion XR15 and XR30 G5 on sale. https://www.whitecorals.com/en/dry-goods-/lightning/led-lighting/ecotech-marine-radion-xr15-g5
  13. Thanks for the sand [emoji3] [emoji106] They get into it right away. Sent from my SM-S908B using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for the calculation...and that's for a 40L QT.... so 17,5:- per liter only in materials. now add to that labor and time the cleaning and disinfection is the worse part for me.
  15. Selling my ozone generator Sander C50. 800:- with pickup in Åkersberga/Täby. 866:- with shipping within Sweden.
  16. Selling my Neptune DDR... used only once so no defect on it and basically new. Selling for 1400:- Collecting at Åkersberga/Täby Shipping with buyer expense and responsibility.
  17. Selling a brand new Neptune Systems DC24 Power Supply. 300:- Åkersberga/Täby
  18. The latest addition to the amazing gang of fish I have... A copperband butterflyfish...quarantine was no problem since this guy came from a tank breakdown and was eating frozen already.
  19. Bought from Företagsakvarium and used couple of times. Perfect for adding new fish to aquarium and reducing the stress for the new comers and reducing aggression of stablished fish. Price: 800:- Can be collected at Åkersberga. Shipping will cost 200:- extra.
  20. Happy weekend. All seems to be good and everyone happy in the tank. Keeping the pH between high of 8.22 and low of 8.16 Alk at 9.5 Cal 430 and Mg 1330 Added Cheato and Neptune's GRO light to the system as well to keep the phosphate and nitrate down.
  21. nice to see the Convict happy and fat
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