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  2. RMS rail is only pickup due to the length. all the rest can be shipped. 4 lights and 4 mounting slides for 13500:- (free shipping)
  3. Its quite opposite. If you add them right away they will have nothing to eat and will die. Start with one or two small hardy fish. Snails can go in last in my opinion.
  4. agree. I used couple of my tangs for periodic cleaning...it was jail time for them too since they were a bit more aggressive than normal algae was gone in couple of days. you can also ask me for SPS qt but you might lose part of your corals as payment but if you must do it; cut the plug and rinse several times...make sure there is no dead part on the coral.
  5. Looking for LSM module and 4 or 5 moonlight LED if anyone has please PM me.
  6. Today my good friend @Jois did a solid for me and helped me hanging these bad boys over my tank 4 Philips Coral Care Gen 2 Lots of light and dead silent ️
  7. Can frag it to smaller pieces 200:- to 500:- frags. Frog frags
  8. Updating the prices: XR15 G5 Blue 3500:-/st (total of 4) XR15 G5 slide 250:-/st (total of 4) RMS rail 204cm with hanging kit 2500:- Packet price for everything: 16000:-
  9. Selling a big acropora frogskin about 15-20 cm in diameter... Give me a bid please in PM. I also have 2 -3 big chunk of purple stylophora (milka) Only pickup in Åkersberga.
  10. Changing to another light and selling my radions. Less than 2 years old, running flawlessly and growing acros. I have 4 over my main tank hanging with a 2 meters rail and 4 slides. If you need more than that I have another 2 of the same lights on a 1 meter rail on my frag tank. 4 light system with rail and slides mounting system goes for 27000:- new. I am selling for 17550:- (35% lower) Can ship since all the original boxes are here with me.
  11. Halichoeres leucoxanthus
  12. I agree... I seeded my marco rocks with Whitecorals rocks. lots of good comes with that stone
  13. Testing here if there is any interest for this salt mixing station. Using it for two years now. Only the barrels and pipes. (No pump and sensors). Two of the ball valves leak sometimes but not too much and usually stops after few hours Give me a bid and only pickup at Åkersberga north of Stockholm.
  14. I have these https://www.witre.se/sv/wsw/tunnor-i-polyetylen-med-hog-densitet-1794m6?infinity=ict2~net~gaw~cmp~17685971966~ag~~ar~~kw~~mt~~acr~9176956540&gclid=CjwKCAjwpqCZBhAbEiwAa7pXeS1rpyjiZRtmhcqemQPO5X0a1vTkAhP0yKny7qz5qLCZlYL3WIJuqxoCks4QAvD_BwE Cut the top or buy a version with lid (I didn't like the curvature at the bottom)
  15. I decided to turn off the lights on my frag QT aquarium to save some money on electricity bill. What remains are; 1 miyagi tort acro 2 pixi dust montipora 4 green cactus pavona
  16. You can use metroplex for that too. Just need to bind it with food with Seachem Focus.
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