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SeaBreeze ATS ( Algae Turf Scrubber )

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SeaBreeze ATS ( Algae Turf Scrubber ) säljes i gott skick.
Jag har monterat ben så den kan stå i vattnet inuti sumpen, samt en ljuddämpare m inspektionsfönster vid utflödet.
Dessa kan enkelt tas bort eller justeras om man vill och då kan man hänga den över sumpen, eller andra lösningar.
Se bild utan ben och ljuddämpare längst ner.  800:- plus ev frakt vill jag ha. Kostade nära 2000.



The specification of this unit is as follows:

1. The unit will more than adequately deal with up to 600ltrs or 4 cubes of frozen food a day.

2. 3 bars of 15 watt led's are provided on each side to easily and fully illuminate the screen,

The wavebands for leds are as follows red 630mm, blue 430mm there is a warranty of 1 year on all leds. growth ratings are for blue 400-470 nanometers and red is 610-720 nanometers.

3. The hosetail is from 0.75 inches to 1.25 inches which needs to be trimmed to fit your hose size.

4. A 1.5 inch return outlet is provided.

5. The led panels slide out for ease of cleaning, use a soft cloth do not use anything abrasive when cleaning.

6. The measurement of the screen is 30.5 cms wide. 14cms high.

7. The hosetail elbow can be positioned at any angle as required, but will need securing with silicon or pipe cement.

8. The length of the unit is as follows, 31 cms, and with inlet elbow fitted is 38 cms long.

9. I would recommend a flow rate of 300-400 ltrs per hour with an inline valve for adjustment of water flow to the screen.






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