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Renting Apogee MQ-510 Par Meter


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Apogee MQ-510 Par Meter: Full-Spectrum Underwater Quantum Meter + Wand


500:- for maximum of 5 days.


Since its an expensive equipment I need a 7000:- deposit.


A shipping label for return will be provided which will be deducted from the deposit.  250:- (for anyone not in Stockholm area)


All items must be returned in the condition they were received or will result in a loss of deposit.

In the event that the par meter is late, the renter will be charged for another billing cycle.

The Rental period begins the day the meter is received. 


After return of the equipment (in same condition as it was sent and without any damage) deposit minus the rent and shipment will be swished back to you.



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Plan 1:   3 days for 350:-

Plan 2:   5 days for 500:-


Can be shipped (including return shipment label) for 250:- or pick up and return in Åkersberga or Täby 0:-

All expenses will be deducted from 7000:- deposit.

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