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Sps/zoa Kävlinge

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Setosa  4-8cm 250-350kr


rainbow monti ca 2cm 200kr

poccilopora damiqornis 350kr ca 6x4cm 


frogskin acropora 200kr ca 6cm hög 


hysterix 250kr ca 10x7cm 


Goldruch montipora 600kr


streakhouse monti ca 6cm 400kr


grafted montipora ca 5cm  500kr



captain america 60kr/pp

Radioactive 50kr/pp

hawaian sunrise 50kr/pp

mandarin orange 70kr/pp

armor of god 60kr/pp

Red ring zoa 50kr/pp

Raimbow Hornets 50kr/pp

candy appl red 70kr/pp

tuttifrutti 50kr/pp 

Sunny D 50kr/pp

lemondrops 50kr/pp


kan skickas på köparens ansvar!

minsta köp 500kr+frakt med dhl 200kr


packar i frigolit låda med heatpack 

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