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Zoas/LPS fraggar Stockholm, kan även skickas

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Euphyllia Hammer, Golden, Green, Bicolor, Metallic Green.

250 kr per fragg.


Gonipora, Ultra Pink, Red Metallic,

Ultra Blue. 500 kr per fragg.


Ultra Green, Red/Purple.

250 kr per fragg.


Chalice, Hollywood Stunner, Pink,

Ultra Blue, Green Rim. 

Candy cane, Ultra Toxic Green, Blue.

Lobophyllia orange mini.

250 kr per fragg



Mindtrick, Rainbow Yoda, Rasta,

Utter Chaos, Tutti Frutti, Johny Pumpkin, Eagle Eye, Dragon Eye, Fruitloops, Captain America, Purple, Goblins on fire, Scrambled eggs.

250 kr per fragg. 

Rhodactis, Ultra Blue, Ultra On Fire.

250 kr per fragg.


GSP Ultra Toxic Green.

250 kr per fragg.


250 kr fragg 10 för 2 000 kr


Hämtas i Stockholm, kan även skickas i frigolitlåda med heatpacks. 




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