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  1. Due to move I am forced to sell my aquarium Size: 160x70x50 (WxDxH) Made of optiWhite glass glued with transparent silicone. No visible scratches on the glass. The case in good condition Metal frame is coat painted and rust free, with MDF white panels - looks like new Custom made lamp (passive cooling, about 400W) seen on the picture, and all additional equipment (protein skimmer, circulation pump, dosing pomp, maxspect Gyro) that can be sold separately - let me know if interested Price for aquarium + case/stand + sump + all pipes 6000kr Call me with any questions - Jacek 0760818477
  2. Hi I have these fishes left: Zebrasoma scopas Paracanthurus hepatus Siganus vulpinus 3x Ocellaris 3x Chromis viridis https://www.fishbase.se/photos/PicturesSummary.php?StartRow=2&ID=4858&what=species&TotRec=14 I want to disassemble the tank this weekend (07-08 maj 2022) and I should be able to catch them Sunday As for the price - I will take 50% store price Have also some mushrooms to give away:
  3. UP - I need to empty the tank this weekend (07-08 maj 2022), so if you want some mushrooms come and take it - I got plenty - free to take (any donations are welcome)
  4. UP I need to sell everything soon - I set the price to 9000kr I will add to the package: - all life rocks - all fishes - protein skimmer - circulation pump - maxspect max gyro 150
  5. Hi, I want to sell my aquarium. The size is 160cm x 50cm (height) x 70cm (depth) - made of opti-white glass glued with transparent silicone. The light is custom made (by me) consist 3 passively cooled down 'bars' made to the size of aquarium - each bar is 150W of LED cree - mix of white + royal blue + 420nm - there is small touchscreen to it and software I wrote to run the whole thing (more details if you need). Light works fine and I can adjust anything to your needs (power times etc) and ofc you get support from me. I built it for my own use so the interface is not ideal but lamp is very powerful and you will never have too little light (I run it at 30-40% right now). There is also a case in package and sump that fits inside. I will want to sell life before selling aquarium, you can also buy everything - we can come to some package price. For aquarium + case + sump + LED lamp I was thinking 20 000kr There is also 50l container with overflow for water to be changed. If you need more better quality pictures let me know and ofc you can come buy take a look at it.
  6. All Euphylia is already sold... I at this moment have only red and green mushroom.
  7. Hi, I have quite a lot of Discosoma (so called mushroom). It is very nice and bright fluorescent RED. I have few rocks completely covered with them - I think it is very decorative. I have some on gravel, some I can scrape from windows. The price for one is 25kr. If you but more we can negotiate the price. I need to shut down and sell entire aquarium so want to get rid of all corals first.
  8. Hi, I have quite a lot of Discosoma (so called mushroom). It is very nice and bright fluorescent RED - it's hard to capture it on the picture and also my lamp is not the best apparently (have seen it under other lamps and looks even better). I have some on gravel,some I can scrape from windows so you can attach whenever you want. I also have some colonies with multiple if you want to have nice decorative effect. The price for one is 50kr. I also have large euphylia flue for sale if someone is interested (unfortunately need to sell all my corals).
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