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  1. Hej Säljer ett p med en uppsjö av tillbehör. I orginalkartong. Kan även köras med två utlopp för att tex köra returen på ena och reaktorer osv på det andra. Jag köpte pumpen från Triton för några år sedan men har inte använt den. Testad endast en gång i sötvatten för testning Finns i Stockholm, Hägersten Skickar inte Pris 1750
  2. Jag har en maxspect turbo due 9000l/h som ny som köpte från triton i Stockholm tre år sedan men aldrig har använt den Jag har testat den en gång bara Sent from my Mi Note 10 using Tapatalk
  3. Hej Jag har en ny skummare i kartong utan pump om det är intressant Sent from my Mi Note 10 using Tapatalk
  4. https://saltvattensguiden.se/topic/56994-magnet/ har såna om det funkar Sent from my Mi Note 10 using Tapatalk
  5. I would really appreciate all feedback.Finally I have started assembling my tank and now working with sump phase. It has been on hold for three years since priories changed with new born back then and I have been stuck few days with how to setup the baffles in the sump to have silent water flow from one section to the other with different water height levels.Whole setup is like in pic_01Quick factsLeft to right1- Fuge 50*40*40=80L2-Media/Frag section~38*30*40=45L3- Return section 30*40*20=24L4- Pump off=24L back from overflow+display tank5- return section will hold half of the water when pump isoff and section 2 and 3 will hold the rest.The skimmer outlet will be above the waterlevel when pump is off6- Main tank is 350L total water volume with main drainand emergency drain and over the back return line frompumppic_01 I need help with how high and how many the baffles should be deployed to support the water height level in each section1- Return section (Fuge) pic_02Planning to go with Triton method and hence having about 20% of total water volume in first section for fuge. In order to reach that 10-20% (Aiming at 20% when possible), water height should be around 40cm high. Over baffle to section 2Question_01Water height in section 1 is 40 cm and in section 2 is 30, this will cause noise with the waterfall over the baffle. A second under baffle would be required here I assume? or even a 3rd over baffle?`The goal is to have silent water flow from section 1 to section 2 with water height 40cm in first and 30cm in second.pic_02 Section 2 pic_03will host the skimmer return pump, media reactors and thought maybe to have some live rock and frag racks. Water height is 30 cm here. According to triton method, the 2nd baffle before 2nd section should be under to give more time for the skimmer to catch nutrias as much as possible.Question_02Same as Question_0, what baffle setup required between section 2 and 3 to have silent water flow and 30cm water height is 2nd and 20cm in 3rd section?pic_03 3-Return section pic_04Hosting the skimmer body only and the return pump to display tank. Water level is 20cm but maybe lowering to to 15cmpic_04
  6. I have EHIM 2215 have not been used for a while
  7. Understood and thanks for your help. This aquarium is a complete system from Akvastabil i bought few yeas ago but priorities was changed with a newborn and never started my setup. Now trying to carry on with it whenever there is time ehre and there. Many things I have learnt over the last three years from SVG and R2R and now I kinda regret buying the akvastabil complete system. Anyway, so this bulkhead is akvastabil but I already bought two different bulkhead types during the past years when I was changing my design every couple of months how to plump everything instead of the akvastabil org design I got few tips from facebook group and I will try them. If did not workout, I will use the other ones I bought like this https://www.aquariumplumbing.co.uk/buy-aquariumplumbing.asp?ID=66&ProdGrp=151
  8. Hi Daniel, The inside is also threaded like pic below. I have disassembled the whole pipe and took a pic
  9. Hi, I am trying to carry on with my delayed setup and now I am struggling with the this. The bulkhead from the overflow box itself is fine and not leaking after filling the overflow with water for few days. I filled the aquarium with tap water for leak test and no leaks from the fittings below the bulkhead until i start closing the gate valve (diaphragm valve) then water will start leaking from the joint socket where its connected to the bulkhead. I tightened it with hand and did not use excessive force to tight it. I tried again after applying teflon tape to the bulkhead and still seeing drops leaking after I close the gate valve I have recorded a small video to show the point where the water will start leaking Appreciate your feedback. Not sure what to try next https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YFsczLUlslWpyAbBYp1CIcwOg4pyPM0s/view?usp=sharing
  10. Hej Akvarium på 160 liter som tidigare ägare använde som saltvatten. Jag tänkte använda akvariet som SUMP men jag har andra plan nu och ska köpa lite större sump. Mått Längd 100 cm Bred 40 cm Höjd 40 cm Vol 160 L Glass tjock 6mm Inga repor och i bra skick Bärhjälp till bilen finns Finns i Stockholm Pris 400:-
  11. Hej Hur lång tid den klara sig när strömmen går?
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