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  1. Good RO water is the beginning of everything
  2. Everything goes in a good direction
  3. Yes, it’s gone!They look better and better. Thanks
  4. Actually I don’t know the name. Only distinguish them A type; P type; M type
  5. Acanthurus leucosternon 12cm. 700kr Pomacanthus imperator 10cm. 400kr Blue velvet damselfish 5cm. 100 Fiskarna kan äta både pellets och frysta.
  6. Hej! Skulle vilja sälja några fraggar om någon är intresserad! 3 st Montipora (stor 100kr, liten 50kr) 2 st Seriatopora 80 kr/st. De här är bra för nybörjare eller nya akvarium då de är lätta att ta hand om! Finns i Stockholm och jag skickar inte. Mvh Kenny
  7. AF Life Bio Fil 5 Liter package There’s 2/3 left. 200kr Functions and instructions for use can be searched online, recommend for new tank, sold because my aquarium has entered and established a complete ecosystem with its help. Ecotech Reeflink. 500kr Available in Stockholm 0723076680 Best regards Kenny Wei
  8. Hej, jag vill ha 50st. När kan jag hämta?
  9. Hi, I have bought two ATI Essential PRO BALLING from Företagsakvarium at 2021-01. Now I have used Calcium reactor, so I want to sell it. There is more than 2/3 left. it’s cost 800kr,if someone have interesting contact me. 0723076680 Stockholm
  10. 900kr Stockholm Vertex Omega 150 Protein Skimmer is engineering and style as you would expect from Vertex at an attractive price point. Wine bottle body shape with solid construction,V-150 Skimmer pump, pinwheel impeller, custom volute and pumphead, titanium screws, ozone port and silicone coupler. Tank Size: 150 Gallons Power Consumption: ~25W Ajustable Air Draw: Approx. 172 - 238 GPH (650 - 900 LPH) Footprint: 9" x 12" Height: 22" Optimal Level: Max 9.5" Min 7" BRS Recommended Tank Size: Lightly Stocked - 150 Gallons Medium Stocked - 90 Gallons Heavily Stocked - 55 Gallons
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