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  1. Still available. These are the non HD model and they come with arms and a director to connect them to the Phone.
  2. Looking for a pistol shrimp in Uppsala
  3. Selling two hydra 26. I bought them from the ads below and they are a bit overshadowing my nano tank. I can imagine exchanging them with two AP Prime as well. It is available in Uppsala and I can imagine sending them by post as well. a
  4. If you are selling a smarphone lens kit please message me. I might be interested depending on the model and price PS: I have triple came phone so it should be compatible with newer phones.
  5. I got some strong recommendation against using canister for my saltwater tank. Thank you Salah for the offer. Closing this thread.
  6. Looking for a canister filter, if you something you wanna sell pleas PM.
  7. TL;DR: Any LED that can cover about 60cm long aquarium I am looking for any LED or possibly t5 for my tank the surface of the tank that need this lighting is about 60cm. Since this is a shallow tank of about 85cm long (25 cm is being used for macro algae and mangroves) and will be light differently I want to put a new light on the coral side. I would be open for any lighting that can be controller in more fine grained manner (T5 or LED). Mods: Posting a second ads as I could not change the current one. Not a duplicate
  8. I am looking for a toxic green Caulastrea frag if anyone has a frag or willing to make one
  9. Matthew


    Thanks, now I noticed the timestamp But I still look for few macro algae
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