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  1. It is booked for someone else now. If they change their mind I will message you Aldebert.
  2. Bumping up, it is now free and should go!
  3. Selling the following items as a package, note that they are unopened and unused. Red Sea aquarium net cover profile 72 inches/ 183cm (2 pieces) https://www.whitecorals.com/en/dry-goods-/tanks-sumps-and-refugiums/jump-guards-tanks/red-sea-reef-tank-net-cover-profile-72-inches-183-cm-2-pieces Red Sea Aquarium Net Cover Cutout 1 of each https://www.whitecorals.com/en/dry-goods-/tanks-sumps-and-refugiums/jump-guards-tanks/red-sea-reef-tank-mesh-cover-cutout-1-of-each 2x Red Sea aquarium mesh cover universal cutout kit. https://www.whitecorals.com/en/dry-goods-/tanks-sumps-and-refugiums/jump-guards-tanks/red-sea-reef-tank-mesh-cover-universal-cutout-kit Red Sea Aquarium Net Cover - Hanging Clips https://www.whitecorals.com/en/dry-goods-/tanks-sumps-and-refugiums/jump-guards-tanks/red-sea-reef-tank-mesh-cover-hanging-clips Red Sea Aquarium Net Cover Replacement 4m x 80cm - 13ft x 31in - https://www.whitecorals.com/en/dry-goods-/tanks-sumps-and-refugiums/jump-guards-tanks/red-sea-reef-tank-net-cover-replacement-4m-x-80cm-13-feet-x-31-inches Red Sea Aquarium Net Cover Replacement Spline 8M - 26ft - https://www.whitecorals.com/en/dry-goods-/tanks-sumps-and-refugiums/jump-guards-tanks/red-sea-reef-tank-net-cover-replacement-spline-8m-26-feet The package as whole will be and pick up in Uppsala or delivering in Stockholm Central if we manage to schedule well. All for 600 SEK.
  4. Unopened package of the activated carbon as described at https://www.whitecorals.com/en/dry-goods-/filter-media/carbon/korallenzucht-aktivkohle-1000-ml Pic up in Uppsala for 150.
  5. Selling my lens kit as the aquarium is sold already. Details about the lens kit at https://orphek.com/reef-aquarium-lens-kit/ Price 300 sek to pick up in Uppsala Central or buyer pays for shipping.
  6. Lowering the price to 5000 and adding a refractometer to the package. Selling the package whole, no components. Everything is located in Uppsala.
  7. Selling shallow reef with the following included: Hardware: - 6mm optiwite glass with the dimensions 85x35x20cm - AutoAqua Smart ATO - WIFI enabled dosing pump (4 heads) Kamoa F4 - Dosing containers for 3 - Two MaxSpect r420r 70w - Jump net - Return pump (in the filter compartment on the right side) - 4 chamber water filter - Bench under the aquarium Living: - Two Clowns (pair) - One pistol shrimp - 5-6 Snails - one hermit crab - one pompom crab - one fighting conch snail - few Brittle stars - etc. corals: - Caulastraea toxic green - Green leather coral - Euphyllior - Seriatopora Caliendrum (bird nest coral) - Green Stylophora - Setosa - etc. MacroAlgae, Plants: - 3 Red Mangroves - A few other Macro Algae attached to stones Other: - Plenty of test kits - fish and coral food - Almost 15KG of coral pro salt - Plenty of dosing kits All for 8,000 SEK (There are more items that are not listed here included in the package)
  8. Bumping it up. Note that you can take this for free!
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