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  1. Hi all, I have a starry blenny that is a great algae eater. I'd like to swap him for any cool coral. Perhaps a Zoa or also looking for some Euphyllia Glabrescens. Or just send him to a happy home, for free if you don't have anything nice to swap. I'm hoping he can find a good home, I had to remove him from the main display because he did not get along with my Midas Blenny. He is very good at eating algae and also eats frozen food happily on the side.
  2. The tanks first vertebrate inhabitant! This here is C3P0, our Midas Blenny. Since the tank is located at the headquarters of our robotics company, we're going with a robot theme for naming . As you can see, I've also managed to find some live rock, Whitecorals got some in last week, so that was a great bonus! Although it is not all good news. I think I'm having an algae and a bacterial bloom at the moment. So I have brown rocks and foggy water. Which I am trying figure out, although it is not easy and I'm a little lost so far, still trying my best to get it under control. Also, I managed to unwittingly buy carnivorous snails so my clean up crew is less than optimal for now. Step by step, learning as I go.
  3. Now it is time to start stocking it up. I come from Darwin Australia, so the first on the list is a pair of black and white Darwin Clownfish. I've seen many black and white clowns with a touch of red on their noses. But am finding it difficult to find a pair of 100% black and white Darwin Ocellaris without red noses. I guess the juveniles have some red, but how can you know if the adults will become 100% black and white? I'd buy an adult pair if I could find them anywhere.
  4. I've managed to set up a YouTube location to upload videos of my progress. Below is a link to a first look at the floating reef tank and my adjacent quarantine tank.
  5. It was a long journey, It took me a while to decide how to add the refugium in an aesthetic way without generating a tonne of light spill. In the end I cut the edge out of a Skimz Up-14 sump and added my own plexiglass refugium to it with the overflow weir going directly into the skimmer section. The refugium is fed by its own specialized mini pump coming from before (or after) the filter sock (I still haven't decided). The long delays were mostly due to the tank supplier failing to send me the tank plumbing from the US. Essentially the tank arrived without any plumbing and I waited months and months for it to arrive. In the end I just gave up and ordered my own plumbing from local suppliers and "Foretags Akvarium". Eitherway, tomorrow I will add the water, and my live rock has been stewing in a bucket of salt water for nearly 3 months now with a prawn and the occasional few drops of ammonia to feed the bacteria. I did some water changes on the rocks and the cycles seems definitely going very well. Any ammonia is digested almost instantly. Wich me luck for the next leap forward. I'll be adding the water, live rock and sand tomorrow!
  6. Finally, some serious progress! I've finished all the plumbing and manufacturing the lighting box as well as the refugium and sump. It's all ready to go! I cannot wait to add water to it tomorrow.
  7. So the plumbing has taken months to arrive, likely due to Covid, which is why I have not posted any new progress on the tank. In the meantime MichaelE was kind enough to give me one of the parts that I needed, yet I am still eagerly waiting for the cut-to-size overflow pipes and bulkheads to arrive. In the meantime I've kept the rocks happy and been constantly feeding the bacteria with a few drops of ammonia every day and a water change every now and again. According to the tests, the bacteria are all healthy and appear to be working well. Yesterday I got tired of waiting and decided to start setting up a ten gallon quarantine tank in my spare time. I wanted to keep it pretty tidy, so I bought a Waterbox cube 10. Another thing I've started to do is look for a decent chunk of live rock for the 50 gallon main display. My only current question for the forum is: does anyone know where to buy some real live rock in Europe? Last month I managed to buy the last few tiny bits of live rock from my LFS but now I need something more substantial for the main display. I've been keeping a close eye on Whitecorals but they don't seem to have any at all. I guess I only need 1-3Kg for now, since all my dry rock is now well and truly covered in bacteria. Yet finding any real live rock at all in Europe seems very difficult indeed.
  8. For todays water test the nitrite is at 0ppm and the nitrate is at 2ppm. I guess this makes more sense than the previous nitrate readings. Perhaps a few more days and all of the nitrite will be completely gone... Either way, it's looking good! I'll have the plumbing valves ready in the next few days, so things are looking good for some serious progress maybe in the next week or so if I'm lucky.
  9. Thanks Kim! Heh heh, I'm really enjoying the process, its a great way to spend my spare time without being stuck in-front of a computer screen. I'm also happy to say that I came into work today (the aquarium is at my company warehouse) and the Nitrites had dropped down to about 0.5ppm over the weekend, so I think I must be pretty close to having finished the cycle. I'll be checking up on it over the next few days, then do a 50% water change or so I guess? I'll try and manage the rock still in the bucket for a little longer while I get the plumbing finalized on the main display tank and order some larger live rock pieces from Whitecorals in the meantime. I'll probably just feed the bacteria with a few drops of ammonia every now and again over the next week or two while I prepare the plumbing, etc. for the main display?
  10. Ahhh, okay, I had no idea. Hmm, well then I guess I am completely in the dark since I don't know the real Nitrite or the real Nitrate. I measured Ammonia and got 0.5ppm yesterday. But I did not know the initial amount, I merely copied what was recommended.
  11. I read that Nitrites can go up to 15ppm during the cycle, so I guess it is only that my testing kit top's out at 5ppm that is the problem. I guess this is good, since I don't technically know how high the Nitrite really is, then I have no idea if I'm close to stalling it or not. I guess the increasing Nitrate is the only sign that I have that things are progressing normally.
  12. I'm 7 days into the cycle now, unfortunately the shop made a mistake and didn't send my Nitrite testing kit in the original order. I went and bought a Nitrite kit from my LFS yesterday and I did my first Nitrite tests and they we're at the very top of the scale. Nevertheless, I can see that Nitrate is uniformly increasing, so I'm hoping that the Nitrite is not too high to stall the cycle. I guess the next few days will tell...
  13. I'll keep this cycle going for a while, then when the display tank and sump is plumbed up and running smoothly, then I'll move some of this into the display tank and I guess at that stage I should add a few more KG of live rock in as well. Overall, I'll try and maximize the amount of live rock if I can.
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