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  1. If any other beginners are wondering about this topic, I got some replies on another Forum. You can see them below. In the end I decided take their good advice and just go with the regular "in-line" method, with all the same flow going through both chambers. Better to keep it simple and standard. ========== Original quote from an expert below... ==========
  2. Hi all, I am a beginner. Just looking for some guidance for my sump/refugium. I was planning on having a slow flow refugium, and a high flow, area for the skimmer. Is this a good idea? Or should I just have the same flow rate through both the Skimmer zone and the refugium? If they are the same flow, then they are all connected in line. But I hear there are fun benifits to having slow flow in the refugium. If they are different flow rates, then they would need to be in separate zones, and each zone would need its own different intake (seel below), which is
  3. PM Sent I live in Uppsala and would like to come and check it out this week if it is still for sale.
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