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  1. Hallo friends, sorry for writing in english, I am not that good in writing in swedish but you can feel free to reply på svenska of course :-) Here is my 180 litres Soft Reef which is exactly one year old now. This aquarium was more of my experimental Ginny pig where I dosed and tested strange stuff like dosing KNO3 and Glutaraldehyde (Easy Carbo), no water change for extended periods of time with only Bio-Calcium dosing (simple balling) ... and more. All fish are still doing fine except the Mitrax, Peppermint and Heraldi's Goby; It used to look like this; But then during the summer time I didn't maintain my tank that well so KH crashed down to 5KH + didn't dose much stuff and no water change for a few month so it came to look like this, with some cyano and dinoflaglates on the sand; A few close ups: This is the lates video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbw_urAh93Y Tank stats; 180 litre Juwel Rio sump ; No Ferplast Bluskimmer 550 (a bit modified) 2x Kralia 2 1x AquaClear 50 connected to the fluval surface skimmer Rowa Phos and Active Kol changed every month water change once a month 20 litr with Red Sea Pro Salifert All in One 1,5ml every day (Calcium acetate helps in keeping NO3 and PO4 down and Aminos+traces also get in) Dosing Bicarbs every 3-4 days one tea spoon Salifert Coral food every day 1 ml Tropic Marine Iodine (1 drop every second day) Salifert Phosphate killer 1ml every other day Feeding fish with ON Artemia, ON Formula Two and ON Prime Reef Flakes NO3 10 ppm (Salifert test) PO4 0ppm (Salifert) KH 9,2 (Salifert) Ca 430ppm (Salifert) Mg 1300ppm (Salifert) Fish; 1x Cen. vroliki 2x Amp. ocellaris 1x Bicolor Blenny 3x Chrysiptera hemicyanea 1x Six-line wrasse a few Red and Blue legged Hermits a few Trochus snails a few Nassarius distortus Corals; Sinularia flexibilis Sinularia sp. Sinularia sp. Green Lobophyton varous Zoanthids Ricordea florida various Mushrooms Clavularia viridis Green Euphylia sp. Green Anthelia Xenia Corals which died due to coral warfare was Cladiella, Litophyton and the Hairy Mushroom. Xenia was doing extremely well with low KH but after I started dosing Bocarbonates often it started shrinking. It is still alive but looks very small. Note; this tank is far from Aquascaping so please ignore all the hardware ;-) it is still only my Ginny Pig for different experiments. Next thing to do is to test Fauna Marine Ultra AlgaeX for dinoflagelates. I did reduce dinos a lot by purely dosing KH Booster every other day one tea spoon (very likely keeping constant pH levels) but after I changed my coral sand to coral gravel last week all the Dinos moved away from the sand to the back glass :-( covering all the nice Coraline algae. Kind regards, Dusko
  2. Hi Admin, my name is Dusko and I work for ArkenZoo Svagertorp in Malmo. I started working there recently and my responsibility is Akvaristik. I decided to open (beside the sottvatten) a new Saltvatten avd. with approx 33 aquariums which will hold various marine fish and soft corals. I am also building a touch pool tank for sps and lps corals. Of course all sorts of salt water products, salt and levande/dod sten, etc ...

    I would like to advertise ArkenZoo Svagertorp Saltvattens Avd. on your forum.

    Could you give me more info about the price and how to do it.

    Thank you very much,

    mvh, Dusko Arken Zoo Svagertorp


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