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  1. I am reorganising my tank and this means allot of corals have to go. If someone if interested in stylopora number 7 send me a message. If number 7 is sold then stylopora number 3 & 6 will stay. 1 Euphyllia 350 sek (3 heads) 2 Ricordia (75 sek per disk) 3 stylopora 650 sek 4 stylopora 2*350 sek 5 several stylopora 100-200 6 stylopora 450 sek 7 stylopora make an offer 8 stylopora 200 sek 9 stylopora 75-150 sek 10 blue skivor 30 sek 11 calustrea 400sek 12 calustrea 325 sek Next this I have abou
  2. Ah thank you for the reply. But I am looking for the pumps of the new jebao series that have integrated WiFi already. (I believe m series) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Looking for extra flow pumps from jebao. I am looking for one of the WiFi pumps below :have scp90m ,scp120m , slw 20 m, slw 30 m Arno Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Calustrea are not poisonous to humans. (being allergic is always possible) // calustrea är inte giftiga för människor. (att vara allergisk är alltid möjligt)
  5. calustrea heads prize sek cal1 3.5 200 cal2 4.5 250 cal3 1=3 small 90 cal4 middle 5.5 275 cal5 right 0.5 50 cal6 3 small 125 see also my adds with : stylopora, skivor, rhodactis, montipora ,euphyllia Jag kan kontaktas via: PM, whatsapp, samtal, text, messenger ( Svenska, Engelska ,Holländska )
  6. Also accepted is : Small nano light ( 10-20 watt for my sump) Turbo snail Corals Clownfish Possible also other fish depending on size.
  7. I am also willing to trade for other aquarium equipment currently looking for : jebao/jecod wifi controlled flow pumps Jebao/jecod MDC 5000 chaeto reactor size 500L+ small flow pump
  8. I bought a lot of new corals and therefore reorganized my aquarium : 4/5 kg Levande sten Har bristlestar (står med flöde och värme) 200 kr Stylopora price upon request (varierar från 3 cm till 20 cm) calustrea 75-50 kr per huved (frag varierar från 2 till 8 huvuden) blå skivor 50 kr per skivor svamp 100 kr per svamp Montipora 100-300 kr per frag bilder är för moderdjur: frag images are available later Jag kan kontaktas via: PM, whatsapp, samtal, text, messenger ( Svenska, Engelska ,Holländska )
  9. Sålt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Selling 2 red hermit. The hermits are knocking more over then expected. For this reason I decided sell the 2 red hermit and stick with only nassarius snails that clean the sand. Can only be picked up in Halmstad !! Kind regards Arno
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