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Anemoner bubbeltipped anemon utan bubblor=(


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Jag skaffade 3 (!) anemoner på kort tid till mitt nystartade kar. Bla en fin-fin grön/aprikos/lila BTA. På en månad har den fördubblats i size. Har gett den en räk el mussle-bit i veckan el direkt efter jag sett att den skitit ur sig. När en av clownerna flyttade in ändrade den form. För dagen är tentaklerna 3 ggr längre än tidigare och "bubblorna" sitter mer i mitt på armarna.

De övriga två; en lila av okänd art som har vandrat omkring tills jag tog ur en annan grön/vit BTA som aldrig såg ut att må bra. Den lila ,som satt sig under en sten , får sträcka ut sig ca 20 cm för att nå fram till ljuset. På natten drar den in sig. Fascinerande!!

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After being in the marine aquarium hobby and trade for almost 20 years, and diving many times around Indonesia, I've had a lot of experience with this particular anemone. Over that time I've seen BTAs without bubbles stay bubble-less even after an anemonefish has taken up residence in them. And, I've seen BTAs with bubbles loose them once established in an aquarium, despite having an anemonefish being introduced simultaneously and living in them, too. Likewise, I've seen some BTAs with bubbles living not just close to, but in direct contact with others that were bubble-less. And, I've seen a BTA situated lower in an aquarium (where the light is dimmer) maintain bubbles, while two others that sat higher in the tank (where the light is brighter) did not. So, it would be hard to convince me that presence or absence of the bubbles is strictly tied to the presence or anemonefishes or lighting. The same goes for hunger too, as I've kept many bubble-less BTAs well-fed and healthy without seeing any change. On top of all this, I once came across one very odd BTA while diving. It had some big, well-developed bubbles on some of its tentacles, while the others had none.

Finns mer att läsa för den som är intresserad här.

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